Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I was reading a blog on a certain hair forum ( not naming names lol) about the best way this girl kept her ng under control when stretching her relaxer. At first I thought 'ok some of the things she was saying seems like they would be helpful'. But as I continue to read further, I became a lil bit bothered by a reference she made about how she blew out her roots on high then flat iron 2x a week once she hits the 7 wk mark (I'm on a low heat diet). Needless to say I decided to take a closer look at her profile (she had her hair in a bun in her profile pic). As I''m browsing through her pics I noticed that her hair was, and there's no nice way to say this, a mess. Her ends were really thinned out and her edges were practically nonexistent. Her hair looked really unhealthy. She had a video about how she does her blow outs and flat iron and immediately it became clear to me why her hair was the way it was. She didn't use any heat protectant to blow out her hair and she used the highest heat on the blow dryer. When she flat ironed her hair, the iron was set on high heat and as she flattened her hair you can see smoke rising from her head as she passed the iron not only through her ng but her relaxed hair several times to get her hair straight. She had added grease to her hair and every time the iron touched her hair you heard a horrible hisssssssss sound (she was literally frying her hair). At this point I ended the video and proceeded to leave her profile. I couldn't continue after what I saw on that video and on her pics. It was clear to me that she didn't really practice healthy hair habits on herself. I felt like "who are you to give out hair advice when your hair looks like that?!!" It may seem horrible but that's just how I felt. I later realized that I had completely shut this girl down because her hair didn't look healthy tand I therefore felt she had nothing to offer to me when it came to giving hair advice about healthy hair. Logically I know that just because she herself doesn't practice what she preaches doesn't mean she can't give out good advice. But the fact that her hair looked the way it did completely turned me off (plus her video) and I tuned out anything else she had to say. After further thoughts I realized that I was bias towards women w/ busted hair when it comes to taking hair advice...I don't think I'm the only one who feels this way and would love to hear your view on this...

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