Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I am a Fan of Heat During A Stretch ....

I have found that my hair sheds and breaks a lot less if I flat iron my ng once a week during a long stretch (I'm about 11 wks post on a 20 wks stretch). I know heat is not good for the hair but when used correctly, heat has been a friend to me. By correctly i mean: not using heat everyday, using it only on my ng only, not using it on a high setting, and using a good heat protector. I have been using this method for about two weeks and I won't know the adverse effect of this change to my regiment for at least another two weeks or so. Hopefully it wont be too bad. I have no problem with my ng since I've been doing this. My hair is much more manageable and I have no breakage and very lil shedding. I'm going to continue using heat once a week until my stretch is over in late January. Wish me luck ladies!

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