Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tips That Makes Stretching Easier...

I'm 9 weeks post now and I have to say this stretch is going so much better than the last. My ng is much more manageable and my excessive shedding and breakage has improved at least 75%. This is all due i think to the changes i've made in my regiment this time around. Here are a few things i've
incorporated in my routine that are making this stretch so much more easier for me.

1. I completely changed how i wash, condition, and moisturize my hair...I do them all in 4 sections one section at a time. This has kept my hair from being tangled and thus less hair loss.
2. I m&s (almost everyday) and give my edges and nape a few extra dose throughout the day (they are the thickest of my ng and need more moisture than the rest of my hair).
3. I increased my co-washing and use shampoo only 1x a month (this has been a tremendous help i think because my hair is not stripped as much and thus less dryness that can lead to breakage).
4. I DC every time i clean my hair. I DC on dry hair b4 my co-washes overnight. I love this addition to my routine because I have the condish in my hair for a long period of time. This has kept my ng soft to the touch.
5. I have added BTR w/ garlic and Molasses treatments to my hair regiment. I do one or the other every time i wash my hair. This has cut the shedding and breakage down tremendously.
6. I don't comb my hair...yes u heard me right. I finger comb only in between my washes and when it comes time for me to wash i use a hair pick to detangle...I can't tell you how much better i find a really good pick to a comb, any comb. My pick has cut down my breakage during detangling at least 90%. I just love it!
7. I mix a good amount of oils with my DC. The slip is amazing and my hair feels fabulous when i rinse out the DC.
8. I make sure my moisture and protein is balanced. My hair is never mushy or rough to the touch. I use less products to moisturize and nothing really heavy. (Scurl and my own moisturizer are my BFF lol ).
9. I use hair vitamins and drink more water (not that much more because i hate drinking water lol just no my thing).
10. ABSOLUTELY NO DIRECT HEAT....I can't stress this enough. I have no split ends because of this.
11. Finally and most importantly I listen to my hair. I give it whatever it needs when it needs it. I don't follow a strict routine per say. If it's my wash day and my hair is not dirty when i check it, i wash a couple days later. If i don't need to m&s on a particular day because my hair doesn't need it then i don't m&s. This has made my stretch so much more pleasant. I don't feel like I am a slave to my hair and have to constantly be on this schedule.

These are the things that are working for me and they have made a huuuuuge difference with this stretch. I am more confident about my HJ and through trials and errors have come to know my hair a lot better. I am so grateful to all my friends on Hairlista who have helped me when I needed it and who encouraged me when i wanted to just give up. Thank you so much ladies from the bottom of my heart. Your help and encouragement made all the difference. HHJ and God bless :)

This was back in August 2010 and I've texlaxed since then. I am currently 19 wks post and have had to adjust my regimen to accommodate my hair. I now comb 1x a day after I have applied my moisturizer ( this is to keep my ng more manageable and tangle free at this stage of my stretch and it is working for me)


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