Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Finally Found The One!! Best Hair Moisturizer EVER!

I'M IN LOVE!!! Sorry for the caps but I think you'll understand once I explain why I'm shouting with excitement...Ok, we all know how important moisture is to your hair and all of us can relate to searching high and low for the perfect moisturizer. One that melts in your hair and makes your hair figuratively sigh with pleasure (I'm a visual person lol). Well let me just tell you guys that I have finally, after much searching and trying of this product and that product, found "THE ONE" and it didn't come from a store. I'm talking about *drum roll pleeeaaase* my own version of "whipped shea butter". I've watched many many videos on Youtube about whipped shea butter and how great it moisturizes your hair but I always thought that it would be too heavy for my hair. Idk why I thought you had to be natural for whipped shea butter to work for you *silly I know lol* but I couldn't have been more wrong. I've been transitioning to texlax since May so I have about 2" of ng , 2.5" of texlax hair and the rest is relaxed. Since I began my transition, I've been struggling with keeping my hair moist especially since it's colder outside. At 18 wks post it's a fight to get my ng to stay moist while not overdoing it with the rest of my hair. I've tried so many mixtures (some i made myself) but I was never really completely  satisfied.  UNTIL TODAY! After watching videos after videos I decided to make my own whipped shea butter and I am shocked at the results that I got after using it.  If only I knew how good it really was months ago I could have saved myself some serious heartache! Ladies no exaggeration this stuff is THE most moisturizing product EVER and my ng feels soooooo soft.  It literally melts into my ng and when I applied it to the rest of my hair it was like heaven. I can't explain it but I wish you could feel my hair right now at 18wks post. I can now officially stop looking for a great moisturizer...YAY!  Here's how I made my whipped shea butter...Oh and I didn't measure anything...I just went by sight (sorry can't give exact measurements).

-5 full tbspn of soften raw african shea butter
-2 full tbspn of Cantu shea butter
-2 full tbspn of Optimum Care Anti Breakage Therapy
-2 full tbspn of HENOYF
-1 tspn of raw honey
-1 tspn of tea tree oil
-1 tspn of jbco
-1 tspn of AVG
-2 tbspn of Vatika CO
-2 tbspn of EVCO
-1 tspn of Argan oil
-1 tspn of unscented garlic oil
-1 tspn of vegetable glycerin
-1 tspn of wheat germ oil
-1 tspn of Almond oil
-1 tspn of jojoba oil
-2 full tbspn of rose water

I put all of these in a deep plastic bowl and mixed it with a spatula for about 10 minutes until I got a creamy consistency...absolutely no lumps. I then put the mixture in the fridge for a good 10 minutes then took it out and mix it again for another 3 minutes (U could use a hand mixture to do this but I didn't want to go through the clean up lol). The final product looked like pudding and had the consistency of whipped cream, not hard and not watery. It was just thick enough that when you picked up a spoon full, it stayed on the spoon for about 10 seconds after u turned the spoon upside down. It didn't just fall off right away.  This mixture is NOT greasy either. I HTH ladies! Let me know how u like it if anyone decides to try it

I woke up today and the first thing I did was check my hair lol ...I wanted to see how it felt the day after applying my whipped shea butter.  I had put it in a pony, tied w/ my satin scarf and put my bonnet on. The first thing I noticed was the amazing shine and how smooth my hair looked (as if I had used gel). My edges and nape looked as if I was only 4 weeks post not the 18 wks that I am (really nicely layed down). I hadn't used a brush on them or anything when I did my pony. The true test came after I took my pony down. Ladies the only way I can describe my ng is like this: imagine the feel of a cotton ball. The kind you use to take ur nail polish off...Now imagine the softest fluffiest cotton you ever felt and that's how my ng felf. I ran my fingers though my hair and my ng felt as if I had used a blow dryer to blow em out then applied really good moisturizer. All my lil tight curls were straight...no little coils...WOW. All I can say is that with this new discovery, I anticipate my indefinite stretch to go much smoother from now on. I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!! I've put my hair in about 10 braids and will do a braid out tomorrow. I'll post the results when I take it out ...I hope you guys get the same results I've gotten so far ...HHJ and enjoy :)

I know it looks greasy but it's not at all....

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